Time Managment

TIME Management

First of all, what is Management?

There is no generally accepted definition of management as an activity, although the classic definition is still held to be that of Henri Fayol. Which said, to manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control. Fayol (1916).

Another definition from Brech (1957) said management is a social process-the process  consists of planning, control, coordination and motivation.

Koontz and O. Donnell (1984) defined  managing as an operational process initially best dissected by analyzing the managerial functions which includes planning and organizing.

Time management therefore is a misnomer, as time cannot be managed. In fact, it’s an imaginary construct according to Albert Einstein. What we can do, however, is manage our actions, and we require time as a peculiar kind of resource in order to do so. Time management involves the management of ourselves, our habits, practices and actions. Before we become aware of time, we do engage in behaviours every day, but none of them are define as time management. When we become time conscious as children, we begin to imagine a new resource time in the future. We start to make commitments that take place in the future.

Having known this, I reconsidered my weekly functions and duties to see if I can make some adjustments that will prioritize my daily chore and assignments. Parting more time to the things that are most significant to me. I have been able to reduce the amount of time I spend on telephone chatting with friends. I watch less TV. I stopped hanging out so frequent with friends. However, after this corrections and modifications to reflect the actual condition. I was glad I could squeeze out 24 hours in the week. These 24 hours I have been able to distribute  into the most important things to me like my studies. With a reflection on what (Evan, 2008 p13) scientist discovered that to be a world class expert takes 10,000 hours. I will endeavour to create more time for my studies.

Conclusively if I wish to have an excellent result I must surely give more time to my studies and that, in order words means relinquishing my job or work very less. This I am giving a very serious thought.